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IESCP-0225 A Creative Invigilation And Security System Enhanced With Wireless Technology
IESCP-0212 A Guidance System In Supermarket Enhanced With Iot Technology
IESCP-0179 A Low Cost Automated Fluid Control Device Using Smart Phone For Medical Application
IESCP-0184 A Portable Infant Safety System Using Internet Of Thing
IESCP-0194 A Reliable Wireless Real-Time Home Automation System Using Wifi
IESCP-0177 A Selector Of Grid Resources Based On The Semantic Integration Of Multiple Ontologies
IESCP-0221 Agriculture Irrigation Water Demand Forecasting Based On Rough Set Theory And Weighted Water Level Indication
IESCP-0245 Air And Sound Pollution Monitoring System Enhanced With Temperature And Humidity Sensing
IESCP-0192 An Efficient Smart Garbage Dustbin Monitoring System Enhanced With Wi-Fi Technology
IESCP-0230 An Embedded Atm System For Blind People
IESCP-0198 An Intelligent Alert System Using For Electrical Vechile Using Embedded System
IESCP-0246 An Intelligent Courier/Letter Mailbox System With Automatic Delivery Notification
IESCP-0219 An Intelligent Method Of Electronic Toll Collection System Based On Rfid Technology
IESCP-0200 Android Based Hand Gesture To Voice Conversion For Speech Impaired
IESCP-0209 Android Based Soldier Tracking System Using Gps Technology
IESCP-0229 Anti Theft Motor Vehicles By Using Gsm Technology
IESCP-0175 Automated Electricity Monitoring And Invoice System Enhanced With Wireless Short Messaging System
IESCP-0250 Automatic Driverless Car Parking System
IESCP-0247 Automatic Fault Detection & Correction Of Solar Panel Enhanced With Sensors
IESCP-0220 Automatic Wireless Med-Box Assistive System In For Patients
IESCP-0236 Bank Locker Security System With Sms Alert & Automatic Door Lock Facility
IESCP-0239 Biometric Authentication Embedded With Rfid Technology
IESCP-0169 Cascade Algorithm Based Smart Vision Device (Svd) To Control The Barrier Enhanced With Raspberry Pi
IESCP-0234 Contemporary Real Time Electric Meter For Powerful Supervision Of Power Demand
IESCP-0203 Design And Implementation Of A System Access Control By Rfid Enhanced With Opencv
IESCP-0205 Design And Implementation Of Load Control By Using Hand Gesture Technology
IESCP-0197 Design And Implementation Of Real Time Automobile Engine Locking System
IESCP-0226 Design And Implementation Of Ultrasonic Sensor To Assist The Visually Impaired People To Find The Obstacle
IESCP-0201 Design And Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System For Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, And Stolen Vehicle Detection
IESCP-0242 Design Of Smart Lock System For Doors With Special Features Using Wi_Fi Technology
IESCP-0193 Design Of Surveillance And Safety System For Underground Coal Mines Based On Low Power Wsn
IESCP-0173 Design Of Ubiquitous Fully Automated Rationing System For Public Distribution Systems
IESCP-0170 Detection And Vigilant System For Perilous Gases In Vehicles Cabin Enhanced With Embedded Technology
IESCP-0190 Development Of Android Based Online Water Level Monitoring And Control Used For Smart Phone
IESCP-0210 Development Of Mobile Car Black Box For Accident Avoiding With Synchronous Action Of Vehicle Control Unit And Android Mobile
IESCP-0224 Development Of Vehicle Black Box For Accident Avoiding And Reporting Through Embedded Technology
IESCP-0185 Driving Assistance By Deictic Direction And Speed Control For A Smart Wheelchair In Wireless
IESCP-0241 Efficient Accident Rescue System For Vehicles Using Gsm Technology
IESCP-0214 Electronic Notice Board For Professional College
IESCP-0206 Energy Saving System Based On Standby Power Reduction For A Future Zero Energy Home Environment
IESCP-0195 Esobdt- Efficient Smart Phone Based On Board Diagnostic Tool (Arm)
IESCP-0186 Evaluation Of A Smart Drink Monitoring Device
IESCP-0215 Gas Leakage Detection And Warning Enhanced With Short Message Alert System
IESCP-0223 Gps Based Voice Navigation System For Visually Impaired Person
IESCP-0216 Gsm Based Automatic Irrigation Control System For Efficient Use Of Resources And Crop Planning By Using An Android Mobile
IESCP-0189 Gsm Based Water Level Monitoring And Controlling System For Multiple Tank From Single Motor Enhanced With Embedded Technology
IESCP-0249 Hand Gesture Recognition System Using Flux Sensor For Disabled People
IESCP-0251 Home Safety And Gas Leakage Warning System Enhanced Gsm Technology
IESCP-0222 Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing And Monitoring Through Wireless
IESCP-0253 Integration Of Tire Pressure Monitoring System Using Embedded System
IESCP-0180 Internet Of Things (Iot) Based Combustion Fuel Vigilant System For Vehicle
IESCP-0172 Internet Of Things (Iot) Based Disaster Management System Enhanced With Ieee 802.11
IESCP-0178 Internet Of Things (Iot) Based Smart Virtual Guidance For Journeyer Enhanced With Android Application
IESCP-0240 Iot Based Real-Time Poultry Monitoring And Health Status Identification
IESCP-0228 Iot Based Toll Plaza
IESCP-0188 Labview Based Design And Implementation Of Speed Control Of Dc Motor Using Pwm
IESCP-0176 Multiple Fault Detection In Remote Transmission Line Enhanced With Wireless Technology
IESCP-0202 Night Vision Security Patrolling Robot Enhanced With Opencv
IESCP-0191 Non-Technical Losses In Power System And Monitoring Of Electricity Theft Over Low-Tension Poles In Wireless Technology
IESCP-0237 Optical Character Recognition Based Speech Synthesis System Using Raspberry Pi
IESCP-0207 Patient Medical Information Management System Enhanced With Wireless Technology
IESCP-0187 Qr Enabled Intelligent Bus Ticketing System Enhanced With Mobile Application
IESCP-0252 Railway Crack Detection And Train Arrival Monitoring System
IESCP-0196 Raspberry Pi Speaking Bus Stop Reminder
IESCP-0183 Rfid Based: Smart Vending Machine (Vm) Enhanced With Global System For Mobile Communication (Gsm) Technology
IESCP-0204 Security And Accident Preventive System For Automobile Enhanced With Wi-Fi Technology
IESCP-0218 Security And Safety Enhanced System For Atm
IESCP-0248 Single Touch Multi-Transactions Enhanced With Gsm Module
IESCP-0208 Smart Lighting: Developing A Smarter Control Mechanism For Park Trail Lighting
IESCP-0243 Smart Pet Health Monitoring System
IESCP-0213 Smart Phone Based Robotic Control For Surveillance Applications
IESCP-0211 Smart Portable Security And Safety System For Women In Public Places Enhanced With Android Application
IESCP-0217 Smart Street Light Monitoring And Controlling System
IESCP-0002 Smart Street Light Monitoring And Control System Enhanced With Wide Area Short Message Alert System
IESCP-0227 Smart Trash System Enhanced With Wireless Technology
IESCP-0244 Smart Vehicle System Enhancde With Rain Water Sensing And Wiper Automation
IESCP-0171 Smart Wireless Portable Device For Vehicular Clouds
IESCP-0199 Thievery Detection Smart Device To Assist The Cops During Night Time
IESCP-0181 Using An Arduino To Measure The Liquid Consumed From Any Container
IESCP-0174 Vigilant System For Fishermen Crossing Frontier Enhanced With Android Application
IESCP-0182 Virtual Stylist Examination And Guidance For Clothing Using Quick Response (Qr) Code
IESCP-0233 Voice Guidance Based Navigation System For Blind By Using Rfid
IESCP-0232 Wi-Fi Based Multilevel Language Display By Using Android Applicaiton
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