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IESNS-0050 A Delay-Sensitive Multicast Protocol For Network Capacity Enhancement In Multirate Manets
IESNS-0051 A Novel Approach For Efficient Usage Of Intrusion Detection System In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0100 A Vehicle Control System Using A Time Synchronized Hybrid Vanet To Reduce Road Accidents Caused By Human Error
IESNS-0076 Adaptive Quality Of Service Based Routing For Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks With Ant Colony Optimization
IESNS-0078 Cbs: Community-Based Bus System As Routing Backbone For Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0052 Contradiction Based Gray-Hole Attack Minimization For Ad-Hoc Networks
IESNS-0053 Delay Analytical Models For Opportunistic Routing In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0084 Distributed Aggregate Privacy-Preserving Authentication In Vanets
IESNS-0081 Divert: A Distributed Vehicular Traffic Re-Routing System For Congestion Avoidance
IESNS-0105 Early Queue Occupancy Detection Scheme To Control Congestion In A Vehicular Based Sensor Network
IESNS-0079 Ecotrec—A Novel Vanet-Based Approach To Reducing Vehicle Emissions
IESNS-0111 Efficient And Trustworthiness Scheme For Emergency Message Dissemination In Vanets
IESNS-0108 Efficient Malicious Node Detection System For Improving The Network Perfomance In Manet
IESNS-0085 Efficient Privacy-Preserving Dual Authentication And Key Agreement Scheme For Secure V2v Communications In An Iov Paradigm
IESNS-0054 Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using The Fitness Function
IESNS-0080 Enhancing Quality Of Service Conditions Using A Cross-Layer Paradigm For Ad-Hoc Vehicular Communication
IESNS-0086 Enhancing Security And Privacy For Identity-Based Batch Verification Scheme In Vanet
IESNS-0055 Fine-Grained Analysis Of Packet Loss In Manets
IESNS-0087 Gdvan: A New Greedy Behavior Attack Detection Algorithm For Vanets
IESNS-0112 Improving Reliability Of Emergency Vehicle Warning Application In Vanets
IESNS-0082 Mozo: A Moving Zone Based Routing Protocol Using Pure V2v Communication In Vanets
IESNS-0088 Replace: A Reliable Trust-Based Platoon Service Recommendation Scheme In Vanet
IESNS-0117 Secure Routing With Aodv Protocol And Efficient Malicious Node Detection In Mobile Ad Hoc Network
IESNS-0056 Superman: Security Using Pre-Existing Routing For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0083 Trustworthiness Evaluation-Based Routing Protocol For Incompletely Predictable Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0097 Vehicle Ad- Hoc Network For Road Trafficking And Accident Preventing
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