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IESIP-0097 A Cognitively Motivated Method For Classification Of Occluded Traffic Signs
IESIP-0109 A Real Time Object Recognition And Counting System For Smart Industrial Camera Sensor
IESIP-0107 Adaptive Eulerian Video Processing Of Thermal Video: An Experimental Analysis
IESIP-0124 An Intelligent Light Tracking Missile Using Image Processing
IESIP-0083 Automated Enhancement And Detection Of Stripe Defects In Large Circular Weft Knitted Fabrics
IESIP-0115 Automated Screening Of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Image Processing
IESIP-0070 Automated Surface Defect Detection System For Ceremic Tiles In Image Processing
IESIP-0129 Automatic Detection Of Minute Scratches Of Industrial Material Based On Image Processing
IESIP-0103 Automatic Detection Of Traffic Light Running Using Vehicular Cameras
IESIP-0106 Automatic Dew Or Blizzard Evaluate In A Sattillite Polaroid Using Hierarchical Approach
IESIP-0076 Automatic Heart Rate Detection Using R-R Interval And Arrhythmia Classification
IESIP-0071 Avoid Accident From Driver Fatigue Recognition In Matlab
IESIP-0135 Biennial Health Monitoring Using Digital Image Processing
IESIP-0101 Bio-Inspired Image Enhancement And Weighted Score-Level Feature Fusion For Nighttime Vehicle Detection
IESIP-0128 Bird-Strike Prevention System Of An Aircraft Using Image Processing In Matlab
IESIP-0075 Brain Carcinoma With Automated Feature Extraction Using Image Processing Techniques
IESIP-0081 Bronchogenic Carcinoma And Get Condition Result Using X-Ray Image In Matlab
IESIP-0084 Cartoon And Texture Decomposition For Fabric Images Based Color Transfer
IESIP-0088 Chroma - Based Segmentation Of Sky/Cloud Images Using Ground-Based Cameras
IESIP-0085 Context-Aware Local Binary Feature Learning For Face Recognition
IESIP-0089 Contrast Enhancement Based On Intrinsic Image Decomposition
IESIP-0125 Corrosion Detection In Petroleum Pipeline Using Image Processing
IESIP-0086 Deep Representation Based Feature Extraction And Recovering The Finger-Vein For Personal Verification
IESIP-0093 Detecting Morphological Filtering Of Binary Images
IESIP-0105 Detection Of Fake Currency Based An Image Approach
IESIP-0116 Detection Of Pests Using Sound Signal Processing Methods For Agriculture Land
IESIP-0110 Early Stage Disease Diagnosis System Using Human Nail In Image Processing
IESIP-0118 Early Stage Of All Disease Diagnosis & Security Application Using Iris Image In Image Processing
IESIP-0112 Eeg Analysis And Classification For Abnormality Detection Of Brain
IESIP-0136 Efficient Deblurring Method For Satellite Image In Matlab
IESIP-0113 Emg Signal Analysis And Detect Abnormalities In Matlab
IESIP-0102 Enhancing Automatic Maritime Surveillance Systems With Visual Information
IESIP-0099 Face Recognition From Largest Matching Areas And Small Feartures
IESIP-0121 Facial Feature Extractions For Pain Detection Using Image In Matlab
IESIP-0091 For Improving Healthcare Using Facial-Expression In Matlab
IESIP-0104 Foreground Time-Spatial Images For Counting Vehicles In Urban Traffic Scenes
IESIP-0087 Fusion Of Ct And Mri Image Based On Haar Wavelet Transformation
IESIP-0123 Genetic Algorithm Using Optimization
IESIP-0108 Heart Beat Rate Measuring Using Ballistocardiography Based On Video
IESIP-0127 Identification Of An Animal Species From An Animal Footprint Using Image Processing
IESIP-0114 Image Processing Of Panoramic Dental X-Ray For Identifying Proximal Caries
IESIP-0120 Intelligent Home Appliences Control By Dissable Person Using Eog Signal In Matlab
IESIP-0072 Intrinsic Tissue Oxygenation And Perfusion From Rgb Image Using Bayesian Estimation
IESIP-0098 Learning Correspondence Structures For Person Re-Identification
IESIP-0094 Learning Spatio-Temporal Information For Multi-Object Tracking
IESIP-0133 Liver Cirrhosis Disease Analysis Using Ct Image In Matlab
IESIP-0078 Manifold Embedding And Semantic Segmentation For Intraoperative Guidance With Hyperspectral Brain Imaging
IESIP-0074 Mapping Human Settlements And Population At Country Scale From Vhr Images
IESIP-0073 Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Intelligent Un Obstructive Multisensory Mirror Enhanced For Well Being Status, Self Assessment And Visualisation
IESIP-0130 Multiple Tracking Of Sound Detection And Image Surveillance In Image Processing For Predict Accidents In Roadways
IESIP-0096 Neighborhood Matching For Image Retrieval
IESIP-0100 Nighttime Vehicle Detection Based On Bio-Inspired Image Enhancement And Weighted Score-Level Feature Fusion
IESIP-0117 Oil Spill Detection Using Satellite Image In Image Processing
IESIP-0126 Performance Analysis For Fetal And Mother's Ecg Noise Signal Removal Using Different Filters In Matlab
IESIP-0111 Prediction Of Nephrolithiasis Based On Extracted Features Of X - Ray Images
IESIP-0090 Simultaneous Feature And Dictionary Learning For Image Set Based Face Recognition
IESIP-0095 Unconstrained Facial Beauty Prediction Based On Multi-Scale K-Means*
IESIP-0069 Volume Topography Static Imaging Of Electrical Capacitance Using Compressive Sensing With L1 Sparse Recovery
IESIP-0092 Weak Classifier For Density Estimation In Eye Localization And Tracking
IESIP-0082 Wearable Ecg Electrodes For Detection Of Heart Rate And Arrhythmia Classification
IESNS-0050 A Delay-Sensitive Multicast Protocol For Network Capacity Enhancement In Multirate Manets
IESNS-0057 A Distributed Delay-Efficient Data Aggregation Scheduling For Duty-Cycled Wsns
IESNS-0045 A Joint Routing And Mac Protocol For Transmission Delay Reduction In Many-To-One Communication Paradigm For Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0066 A Key Distribution Scheme For Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks: Q-S-Composite
IESNS-0051 A Novel Approach For Efficient Usage Of Intrusion Detection System In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0067 A Novel Authentication And Key Agreement Scheme For Implantable Medical Devices Deployment
IESNS-0068 A Secure And Efficient Id-Based Aggregate Signature Scheme For Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0046 A Self-Adaptive Sleep/Wake-Up Scheduling Approach For Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0076 Adaptive Quality Of Service Based Routing For Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks With Ant Colony Optimization
IESNS-0078 Cbs: Community-Based Bus System As Routing Backbone For Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0089 Congestion Control Scheme Performance Analysis Based On Nonlinear Red
IESNS-0052 Contradiction Based Gray-Hole Attack Minimization For Ad-Hoc Networks
IESNS-0053 Delay Analytical Models For Opportunistic Routing In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0084 Distributed Aggregate Privacy-Preserving Authentication In Vanets
IESNS-0090 Distributed Learning For Energy-Efficient Resource Management In Self-Organizing Heterogeneous Networks
IESNS-0081 Divert: A Distributed Vehicular Traffic Re-Routing System For Congestion Avoidance
IESNS-0047 E2hrc: An Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Ring Clustering Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0079 Ecotrec—A Novel Vanet-Based Approach To Reducing Vehicle Emissions
IESNS-0085 Efficient Privacy-Preserving Dual Authentication And Key Agreement Scheme For Secure V2v Communications In An Iov Paradigm
IESNS-0091 End-To-End Throughput Maximization For Underlay Multi-Hop Cognitive Radio Networks With Rf Energy Harvesting
IESNS-0048 Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm For Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Network Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic
IESNS-0054 Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using The Fitness Function
IESNS-0080 Enhancing Quality Of Service Conditions Using A Cross-Layer Paradigm For Ad-Hoc Vehicular Communication
IESNS-0086 Enhancing Security And Privacy For Identity-Based Batch Verification Scheme In Vanet
IESNS-0055 Fine-Grained Analysis Of Packet Loss In Manets
IESNS-0087 Gdvan: A New Greedy Behavior Attack Detection Algorithm For Vanets
IESNS-0069 Intrusion Detection Based On State Context And Hierarchical Trust In Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0070 Lightweight Three-Factor Authentication And Key Agreement Protocol For Internet-Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0049 Load Balanced Coverage With Graded Node Deployment In Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0059 Load-Balanced Opportunistic Routing For Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0058 Low-Cost Collaborative Mobile Charging For Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0082 Mozo: A Moving Zone Based Routing Protocol Using Pure V2v Communication In Vanets
IESNS-0077 Near Optimal Data Gathering In Rechargeable Sensor Networks With A Mobile Sink
IESNS-0060 Optimal Privacy-Preserving Probabilistic Routing For Wireless Networks
IESNS-0061 Optimization Of Watchdog Selection In Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0062 Qos-Aware And Heterogeneously Clustered Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0088 Replace: A Reliable Trust-Based Platoon Service Recommendation Scheme In Vanet
IESNS-0071 Research On Trust Sensing Based Secure Routing Mechanism For Wireless Sensor Network
IESNS-0072 Resilience Of Dos Attacks In Designing Anonymous User Authentication Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0092 Robotic Message Ferrying For Wireless Networks Using Coarse-Grained Backpressure Control
IESNS-0073 Rose: Robustness Strategy For Scale-Free Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0063 Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks Using Swarm Intelligence- Aco With Ecpsoa
IESNS-0044 Security For Wireless Sensor Networks, Reduce Errors Using Leach Protocol In Matlab
IESNS-0064 Send: A Situation-Aware Emergency Navigation Algorithm With Sensor Networks
IESNS-0096 Service Oriented Cloud Vm Placement Strategy For Internet Of Things
IESNS-0093 Spectrum-Availability Based Routing For Cognitive Sensor Networks
IESNS-0065 Speed Up-Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks (Su-Gpsr)
IESNS-0056 Superman: Security Using Pre-Existing Routing For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0094 Towards Effective Trust-Based Packet Filtering In Collaborative Network Environments
IESNS-0074 Traffic Decorrelation Techniques For Countering A Global Eavesdropper In Wsns
IESNS-0075 Trufix: A Configurable Trust-Based Cross-Layer Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks
IESNS-0083 Trustworthiness Evaluation-Based Routing Protocol For Incompletely Predictable Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
IESNS-0097 Vehicle Ad- Hoc Network For Road Trafficking And Accident Preventing
IESNS-0095 Virtual Multipath Attack And Defense For Location Distinction In Wireless Networks
IESNS-0098 Wireless Structural Health Monitoring System
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